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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I haven't written much lately.  After my trip I did a lot of housecleaning, haha...then yardwork, then bustling around getting ready for our annual Ozark Heritage Festival October 14 & 15th.  I sold jewelry both days, did twice as much business as last year.   I was by myself, so it was pretty tiring.

I made various trips to: doctor (with Hubby), dentist (temporary crown on my tooth), nursing home (grandma back from hospital).  Spent last weekend cleaning out our "woodshed" even though I was sick with a very bad sore throat.  I've been sick for a week now; I hate that!!!

So....I did get to make some jewelry during all that time and I will post some pictures today! Yay!
Above are some antique brass & crystal earrings.  I love these beadcaps.
For this one, I used 3 strands of chain (2 copper and 1 gold) to form the necklace for a slice of agate.  It is more sparkly than the picture shows.
I also made a bunch of Christmas jewelry, such as these Dove Earrings.  Made 3 necklaces with similar charms and crystals.  And about 2 dozen pairs of Angel earrings!
This is one style, I made a lot of other colors and some with crystals, etc.
I also made several bracelets:  my favorites:
The first one is picasso jasper, the second one has "Montana Blue" crystals. 
Well, enough for today! 

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