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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Supadupa Deal

Have you heard of Supadupa yet?  I just joined up last month...they had a terrific, hard to believe offer of "free for life" premium plan if you made it in by Dec 3 and I did!  I still have to work on my shop there, mostly adding new items, but it is great with all the different themes to choose from, lightbox for large photo closeups, etc. 
Here is a link to their pricing/perks page:  http://supadupa.me/pricing
They are based in the UK so some things are sorta weird to us...like calling categories "collections" and banners "logos" and flashing commercials "banners" but there is lots of help available in the help/support section by using the search feature.
Oh, the greatest thing for me (besides no $$$$) is that I was able to buy my domain name and use it for the web address.  Anyone who types in (or clicks on) my domain name (www.McKenzieCreekJewelry.com) will go straight to my supadupa store!
For now they are only taking Paypal for payment methods (remember that it is NOT necessary to set up a paypal account to pay with a major credit card) but they have promised to offer more payment methods in the future. 
There are still a few quirks in the themes.  I chose "pawpaw at night" and some of the pop up circles that show the price and item description are appearing on the wrong pictures but hopefully that can be ironed out soon.
They plan a facebook shop application for rollout in January and they have a facebook business page: http://www.facebook.com/supadupa.me   
and Twitter: http://twitter.com/supadupametoo

Check it out soon!  http://supadupa.me/  They still have a free trial going on...not as generous as what I got, but worth looking into.

Here's hoping this platform gets noticed!!!!
Happy New Year everyone.

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