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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elements of Nature

I started jewelry making because of my love of stones.  Crystals, pearls, metals...I knew about that kind of jewelry.  But when I realized that the average person could obtain gorgeous real stones..already polished, shaped, drilled ...each one unique...I became passionate about it.
Recently reflecting upon some of my favorites, I decided to share a few with you.
Rhyolite has various greens, reds, cream, rust, and brown in it, along with drusy quartz inclusions:

Turquoise...this piece has some greenish tint to it, and brown inclusions.  The diagonal stone on top is a type of chalcedony referred to as "green opal".

Agates are gorgeous, too.  And each one is so different with it's own patterns.  This one has a nice quartz center:
I have lots of others to tell you about in the next edition!  Time is up for today.  Thanks for browsing.

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