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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Promises, Promises

Yes, the weatherman just keeps promising rain and cooler weather.  Now it's supposed to be tomorrow.   Do you think so?  Well, eventually it will be cold and wet; it always gets there. 
I live in a riparian water rights state.  That means if a body of water runs across or under my propery, I have the right to tap into it and use it (as long as I am not polluting it).  That has been great!  I have a submersible pump in the creek and lavishly water my flower beds. 
Or, it WAS great.  The water is so low now there is just a trickle, so my poor plants have fallen on hard times.  I've had to choose who gets to live and who has to die (or at least go into an early dormancy).  I guess when it cools off, I will just cut back all the nasty dead stuff and wait for next spring! 
Feeling empathy for all the flower lovers, wild critters, and farmers down in Texas this year.
Remembering earlier this year:  some giant tomatoes in the background.  Love these black-eyed susans; they volunteer every year.
Enough for today.  Better go water the potted plants before it hits 95 degrees outside!

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